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FIA Formula One World Championship, or known to most people as just Formula One, is the most exciting racing sport there is out there. With the enourmous speed that the single seater cars can obtain makes it for a gripping and intense event to be watching. F1 enthusiast of course already know this, but some might need some more intensity to their already extreme sports viewings.

In this day and age many more things have become possible, like betting on a wide variety of sporting events from the comfort of your own home. This is an great opportunity for you to add some extra excitement to an already sharp event. That is why I have made BettingOnF1.com, to help formula one enthusiasts put in bets on their favorite team or drivers and hopefully enhance their viewing experience. If you haven't placed a bet online before, never fear, as we have made a guide on how to place a formula one bet. Check it out if you have never bet online before.

Top Rated Formula One Sportsbooks

best f1 betting sitesTo be able to bet on F1 online you need to register an account at a bookmaker and deposit money there. This is pretty easy, but what is not as easy is the process of finding bookmakers that you can trust your money with. Sadly there are a lot of online sportsbooks out there that are in this business that shouldn't be and they don't treat their customers the right way. This has made betting online a tough endeavour.

But don't fear, we here at www.BettingOnF1.com have extensive experience in betting online and have been in this industry for a long time. We know which sites that you can trust your money with and who are only out to steal them from you. If you choose one of the bookmakers we recommend, we can guarantee that your funds will be safe and you can be betting on F1 without worries!

Best F1 Betting Sites
5Bet365 ReviewN/A
5Bovada Review$250 Free Bet
4.5halfTitanBet Review£25 Free Bet
4.5halfBetVictor Review£25 Free Bet
4.5halfWilliam Hill Review£25 Free Bet

What is Betting On F1 all about?

The site has started out slow as the only need I tried to fill with this web portal was the lack of F1 betting content online. There were plenty of websites that talked about sports betting online, but none seemed to focus primarily on those who are enthusiasts of the F1 format. We wanted to help out our fellow viewers in getting on with online betting in a safe manner. By providing reviews of the top online sportsbook we aim to deliver accurate and good information that you can use to make a better decision as to which bookmaker you want to bet on formula one at.

Future Plans

f1 racing actionSince we opened up shop in 2010 we have evolved some. We have since the basic reviews also added some basic betting articles to try to educate our readers on the topic of betting. So far we haven't the most content, but we are in the works of expanding this section and hopefully create a full sports betting guide for you to read and get that extra edge on the bookies.

Besides the expansion of already in place subjects we also want to increase our reach of our betting tips. The aim is to get it out to more people and hope to get some good feedback. We can always improve and we want to offer the best tips online, that is for sure. On top of this we will try to give you some insights into the races, drivers, teams and cars that are used in this F1 circus. There are plenty of ones out there, but we would like to add our perspective as well. Maybe ours will come from the one betting and thus be more relevant to those of you who are looking to bet on them? We believe so!