2015 Season F1 Betting Preview

The 2015 season F1 season is about to start in less than two weeks, however there still many important things that are yet to be settled in some of the teams. But no matter what happens to them the show will still begin in Melbourne on March 15. Here is a quick look at the final verdict on the Manor issue, a preview of how the upcoming season might look like and the betting odds on some of the top protagonists this year.

Manor Issue Finally Settled

After much speculation, it’s now official that Manor Racing (formerly Marussia) will be a part of the 2015 F1 season. They’ve already named their first driver, Will Stevens from England. The FIA have also agreed that they can use a modified version of the cars they used last year for this season. However, they still need to pass testing before they can be used in a race. They will also take part in the Australian GP on March 13-15.


After the pre-season testing in Spain, many F1 experts agree that Mercedes will dominate this season again. Some even say that this year could be just a repeat of last year. Right now, it’s very clear that Mercedes is in a league of their own with no worthy competitor to offer them a good challenge.

The entire Mercedes team were flawless in Barcelona. Hamilton and Rosberg recorded the fastest laps and made the most laps at the Circuit de Catalunya. Overall, the duo made 1,340 laps and covered a total distance of 6,120 kms. The other teams meanwhile particularly McLaren encountered serious problems there. After weeks of pre-season testing, everybody agrees that Mercedes is the team to beat again this year.

There were huge expectations on McLaren Honda before this year, but in Barcelona it became obvious that this isn’t the same McLaren Honda partnership during the time of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. They were a huge disappointment in Spain and made only a total of 380 laps. With such a poor pre-season performance, don’t expect them to win any race this year.

Betting Odds

The bookmakers have also put the entire Mercedes team as favorites in their respective betting markets for this year.  Lewis Hamilton leads the prospect in the drivers championship with odds of around 1.67 while his teammate and arch-rival last year, Nico Rosberg comes in second at 3.75. Sebastian Vettel of Ferrrari is at far third with odds of around 19. On the constructors side, Mercedes is the top favorite to win again this year with odds of 1.15. With odds as low is this, it’s like saying that they’re sure to win it again with little opposition. Their closest competitor in this market is Ferrari which has odds of around 21.