Brazilian Grand Prix 2015 Recap

Nico Rosberg wins the Brazilian Grand Prix for the second consecutive year. He greeted the chequered flag 7.7 seconds earlier than Hamilton who came in second. This is his second successive victory after he won the Mexican Grand Prix about two weeks ago. Rosberg’s win here secured him the second place in this year’s drivers’ standings. Let’s have more about this race in this Brazilian Grand Prix 2015 recap.


Nico Rosberg beat Lewis Hamilton for the second straight time in qualifying to claim the pole position on the grid for Sunday’s race. The British world champion who is yet to win in Brazil will start the race on second. Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull finished 9th in qualifying, but will serve a 10 place grid penalty because of an engine change. He’ll begin the race at the back on 19th place. McLaren’s problems still persist even now that it’s already the end part of the season. Fernando Alonso’s car had mechanical problems and he was unable to participate in the qualifying sessions. He’ll occupy the last spot in the grid.

Racing Conditions

The weather is usually fine during the Brazilian GP, so this isn’t really the main concern of the teams. What matter to them most when it comes to the racing conditions here is the high altitude of the track at Interlagos. Its elevation of 785 meters above sea level has significant effects on a car’s performance and teams do their best to make the necessary adjustments in order to make sure that the cars still give optimum performance even in this situation.

The Grid

The Race

Rosberg gets away cleanly and grabs the lead at the start of the race. On the second lap, Carlos Sainz Jr was forced to retire early because one of his rear axles had a problem. Back at the front, Hamilton is still chasing Rosberg who only leads him by a second.

On lap 11, many of the drivers made their first stop. Almost all of them changed tyres to the medium compound. The race leaders however have delayed their first trip to the pit lane. Rosberg made his first stop on lap 14. He came back to the race in second, but was able to reclaim the lead after Hamilton made his first stop on lap 15.

Hamilton continues to pile pressure on Rosberg and on lap 19 he got very close to the German and was only half a second behind. Hamilton told his team that his tyres will not last long anymore on lap 22. However, his team told him that they’re still in good condition.

On lap 30, Ricciardo made his second trip to the pit lane. On the front, Vettel is slowly cutting down Hamilton’s lead and he’s just about six seconds behind the world champion. However, Vettel made a quick trip to the pit lane on lap 33 to change to soft tyres. Rosberg made his second stop a lap after that. Hamilton takes the lead from him. Rosberg regains the lead after Hamilton made his second stop on lap 37.

The race leaders after 50 laps are: Rosberg, Hamilton and Vettel. Hamilton isn’t giving up on his chase and is just less than a second behind Rosberg. But he was able to gradually pull away from the Brit. On lap 62, he now has a 2.6 second lead over Hamilton. He continues to pull away and has established a six second lead on lap 70. Hamilton meanwhile is now complaining about his tyres which have now worn off.

And after 71 laps, Rosberg was first to greet the chequered here in Interlagos. He has successfully defended his title here and is now back to second place in the drivers’ standings.

After Thoughts

Rosberg’s two successive wins after the US Grand Prix will not change anything, but they’re definitely enough to let him regain the confidence he’s lost during the middle of the season. The final race of the season will take on November 29 in Abu Dhabi. Even though all the major things in F1 have already been decided, I’m sure this race will still be very exciting because everyone would like to end their season on a positive note.