Canadian Grand Prix 2015 Recap

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes wins the Canadian Grand Prix to extend his lead to 17 points over teammate, Nico Rosberg. Like in the previous races, the Brit was unstoppable from the start to finish here. He began the race at the pole, controlled it and finished it first. This is his fourth win in this race while Rosberg is still winless here. Let’s look at how things went in Montreal last weekend.


Things didn’t start well for Hamilton in the first practice session in Montreal on Friday as his car spun and slammed into a wall. He also posted the slowest lap in the first lap of the final practice session on Saturday. However, the three-time Canadian GP champion was able to turn things around in the qualifying sessions later after clocking the fastest time of 1 minute 14.393 seconds, about .3 of a second faster than Rosberg. The German once again came second to him.

Racing Conditions

The weather is dry and sunny during race day with no imminent threats of heavy rains. This is in sharp contrast to the racing conditions during the practice sessions where heavy downpours caused accidents to some of the drivers including Hamilton. The track is much wider here in Montreal and it gives the drivers many over-taking opportunities. The lay-out of the circuit here makes it faster than Monaco, but it also makes fuel and brake management very important during the race.

The Grid

The Race

On lap 1, Hamilton gets a clean start and takes the lead while Rosberg and Raikkonen chase him. The Mercedes duo begins to pull away in the following laps. Hamilton also begins to establish a clear lead over his teammate. On lap 4, he already has a 1.7 second lead over the German.

Sebastian Vettel makes the first stop of this race on lap 8. He changed all of his tyres into the super-soft compound during this stop. On the front, Hamilton continues to extend his lead and he’s now three seconds clear from Rosberg.
There are lots of battles going on between the drivers who are in the middle and the last part of the race. This is the best thing about the track in Montreal. It’s good for overtaking and most of the drivers are taking advantage of it, so they could get some points from this race. Vettel and Alonso are into each other here while Kyvat is busy holding off Massa.

On lap 24, Hamilton is already four seconds away from Rosberg. Other drivers meanwhile get their first stop during this lap. Ricciardo was the first to make a stop; he’s followed by Perez, Raikkonen and then the others. On lap 29, Hamilton makes his first stop. It was a well-executed stop and he came back to the race still in front. On lap 30, Rosberg made his first stop and it was also well-done. He also went back to the race back to his original position.

Vettel makes his second stop on lap 36. This is already the halfway point of the race and other drivers also made their second stop around this time. So far, everything is going well with the race. But on lap 47, Alonso pulls into the pit lane and after his car encountered a power problem. He’s the first retirement for this race.

On lap 50, Grosjean’s car had a contact with Stevens’ Marussia while they’re both in the pit lane. The stewards later imposed a five second penalty on Grosjean for that incident. On lap 57, Button followed his teammate Alonso as the second retirement for this race. Both McLaren drivers will not get any points from a race again. Merhi became the third retirement here on lap 64.

Hamilton is steady on the front and remains in control. On lap 69, he’s 3.5 seconds clear of Rosberg. He then cruises thru the final lap and was the first to greet the chequered flag. Nico Rosberg followed him on second while Valterri Bottas took the third pot here.

After Thoughts

With the win, Hamilton now has 151 points, 17 points clear from Rosberg who has 134 points. Sebastian Vettel is now on far third with 108 points. With this, it looks like this season will be another Hamilton-Rosberg rivalry for the title.

The next race will be in Austria on June 21. Likewise, the outcome of that race will be very important. If Hamilton wins it, he’ll establish a comfortable lead over Rosberg. But if the German wins it, he’ll keep the pressure up on Hamilton for the title this year.