Hungarian Grand Prix 2014 – Recap

The Hungarian Grand Prix proved its reputation once again as one of the most challenging and unpredictable races in the calendar. Australian Daniel Ricciardo was the first to finish and meet the chequered flag while Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton trailed behind him. Current leader (and still the leader after the race) Nico Rosberg just finished fourth.

The Qualifiers

Lewis Hamilton had already won this race 4 times before and he was also the winner here in the two past years. He was looking forward for his third straight win this year on Hungaroring. However, his fortunes in the race already diminished before it even began after his car went up in flames during the qualifying session. Because of this incident, he’ll start in the pit lane.

The other drivers had a smooth qualifying session without encountering any technical and mechanical problems.

Racing Conditions

The Hungarian Grand Prix is held annually on the Hungaroring race track situated about 10 miles from Budapest. It has a length of 4.381 kilometers and the race has 70 laps which will cover a total of 306.63 kilometers. There are a total of 14 corners in the narrow track which makes it hard for overtaking. Usually the weather is sunny and hot during the race, but this time, it rained before race. There were still wet spots on the track during the start of the race.

The Grid

1. Rosberg  2. Vettel 3. Bottas 4. Ricciardo 5. Alonso 6. Massa 7. Button 8. Vergne 9. Hulkenberg 10. Kvyat 11. Sutil 12. Perez 13. Gutierrez 14. Grosjean 15. Bianchi 16. Raikkonen 17. Kobayashi 18. Max Chilton 19. Marcus Ericsson 20. Pastor Maldonado

From the pitlane: Magnussen and Hamilton

The Race

Despite the slippery track, the race started without a hitch. Nico Rosberg leads the pack with Sebastian Vettel and Valterri Bottas going after him. Lewis Hamilton joins the race at turn two. In lap two, Nico Rosberg recorded the fastest lap of the race.

Lewis Hamilton makes his move in the fourth lap and overtakes Ericsson and Magnussen to advance into 19th. In the fifth lap, he overtook 4 drivers to move into 16th. Who says it’s hard to overtake in Hungaroring? Hamilton passed through other drivers as the race went on and by lap 8 he’s already in 13th spot.

In lap 9, Marcus Ericsson hit the wall at turn three and the safety car is taken out in the track. He got out of the car unhurt, but his Caterham was badly damaged. Romain Grosjean crashed on turn three while the safety car was still out. This is very unusual. In lap 14 the safety car pulls out of the track.

By lap 18, it was Daniel Ricciardo who was leading the race with Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso behind him. Hamilton is now on 9th and is threatening to overtake Sebastian Vettel. In lap 23, another accident happened when Sergio Perez hit the wall and the safety car was brought out again. After the things have settled once again, Fernando Alonso was in the lead. The race has been very unpredictable so far.

Hamilton made a series of breath-taking passes again and by lap 40, he’s already on 5th place. This is a superb performance from the Briton. Daniel Ricciardo has taken the lead back again by lap 49 with Alonso and Hamilton following him. By lap 53, the leaders of the race are as follows: Ricciardo, Alonso, Hamilton and Rosberg. This will also be the formation of the leaders at the end of the race. At the end of lap 70, Daniel Ricciardo was the first to greet the chequered flag followed by Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

After Thoughts

The Hungarian Grand prix is the last race before the teams take on a month long summer break. The next race will be in Belgium about a month from now. This is Ricciardo’s second win of the season after his first win in Canada. This win clearly erased the doubts about him and his future in F1. He’s definitely a real deal like Hamilton and Rosberg.

Rosberg will head on the break still leading the drivers’ championship with 202 points while teammate Lewis Hamilton still follows him closely at second with 191 points. Daniel Ricciardo is still a far third with 131 points. The hunt for the driver’s title this year is still on.

On the constructors’ front, Mercedes is already near the 400 point mark with still many races to go. They now have 393 points while Red Bull are on second with just 219 points. Ferrari is third with 142 points while Williams are on fourth with 135 points.