Italian Grand Prix 2015 Recap

Lewis Hamilton wins the Italian Grand prix in a very convincing way as he dominates the race from start to finish. However, his victory was only confirmed two hours later after he was suspected of having illegal tyre pressures in the race. His archrival, Nico Rosberg meanwhile failed to finish the race as his car’s engine blew on the 51st lap. With this, Hamilton now has an enormous 53 point lead over Rosberg. Let’s have a detailed look on how the things went in Monza last weekend.


Lewis Hamilton once again dominated the qualifying sessions in Monza, clocking the fastest times in all of them. He’ll take the pole position again on Sunday. This will be his 11th pole of the 12 races so far this season. The Ferrari duo of Raikkonen and Vettel will start on second and third places respectively while his teammate, Nico Rosberg will be on fourth.

Racing Conditions

The sun is shining brightly in Monza during race day and no threats of rain were forecasted. This is the last European race in the calendar and everything seems to be perfect with the grandstands packed with fans.

The Grid

The Race

Hamilton gets away cleanly from the rest on lap one and takes an early lead. Vettel, Massa and Bottas followed him. Rosberg who began the race in fourth is now in fifth place.

On lap two, Verstappen joins the race from the grid. Also on this lap, Grosjean ‘s car encountered a problem and it ended in the gravel with smoke coming from its right front wheel. Maldonado on the other hand entered the pits and has now parked there. Both Lotus drivers were the first retirees on this race.

Everything is going well for Hamilton as he slowly pulls away from Vettel in the front. His archrival meanwhile, Nico Rosberg is reported to be having issues with his brakes now. On lap 15, Hamilton already has a 5 second lead over Vettel. Massa, Bottas and Rosberg are still on third, fourth and fifth places respectively.

On lap 18, the drivers began to make their first stop. For some this will be their only stop for this race. Rosberg was of those who decided to make an early stop and he changed to the medium compound. Nasr and Massa also entered the pits to change to medium tyres.

On lap 21, Hamilton now has a 12 second lead over Vettel. The Brit is yet to make a stop, but he may soon do it as report an issue with his left tyre. The pit stops brought in some changes to the standings as Raikkonen is now up in third and Rosberg in fourth. Hamilton and Vettel meanwhile is yet to make their first stop.

Vettel finally makes his first stop on lap 26. Hamilton followed him also on this lap. Vettel is on a one stop strategy for this race. Raikkonen is now the only one among the top three who is yet to pit.

Finally on lap 29, Raikkonen made his first stop. He came back to the race on 10th place. Daniel Ricciardo is the last to make his first pit stop on this race. He made it on lap 30. On lap 32, Hamilton is now 19 seconds clear of Vettel. Hamilton makes his second stop on lap 35 and it went smoothly.

Hamilton is now just coasting through this race with a very comfortable lead over Vettel. Rosberg meanwhile is trying to keep the pressure on Vettel to claim the second spot. On lap 43, he’s just 3 seconds behind Vettel.

On lap 50, Alonso’s car broke down and he’s now out of the race. A lap after that, Rosberg’s car runs out the track as its engine broke down. He is now out of the race, too. With this development, Massa moves up to third place.

Hamilton takes another easy win as he greets the chequered flag after completing 53 laps on this race. Vettel and Massa finished second and third paces respectively. But as mentioned earlier, his victory will be confirmed hours later.

After Thoughts

After failing to get any points from this race, Rosberg now trails from Hamilton by 53 points. This is a huge gap that is very hard to overcome. With seven races to go, it’s still mathematically possible for Rosberg to claim the top spot from Hamilton, but everybody knows this is a tall order. After the Italian GP, F1 will now go to Asia and the next race will be in Singapore on September 20.