Mexican Grand Prix 2015 Recap

After four consecutive times of starting at the pole, Nico Rosberg finally won a race. He won the first edition of the newly revived Mexican Grand Prix beating his teammate and newly crowned world champion, Lewis Hamilton. Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel didn’t finish the race after he had an accident. Let’s have a detailed at how things went at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in this Mexican Grand Prix 2015 recap.


Nico Rosberg beat Lewis Hamilton again in the qualifying sessions to claim the pole position for Sunday’s race. This is the fourth consecutive time that Rosberg will start at the pole this season. However, many still doubt if he’ll finally be able to convert this one into a win. Hamilton who started the last three races at the back of him was able to finally able to seal the title race last week in Texas.

McLaren’s problems still persist here. Button didn’t participate in qualifying and will start at the back. Alonso managed to finish in 16th place, but will also begin the race at the back because of grid penalties. Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen will also serve a 5 place grid penalty here and will start on 18th place.

Racing Conditions

The main concern of the teams in this race isn’t the weather, but the high elevation of the venue. The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is situated more than 2,200 meters above sea level and this high altitude has significant effects on the cars’ aerodynamics and engine performance.

The Grid

The Race

The race starts and Nico Rosberg who started at the pole was able to protect his position securing the lead after turn 1. Hamilton follows him on second. The first lap of the race isn’t over yet, but the McLaren team already ordered Alonso to retire his car. Vettel on the other hand was forced to pit in early after one of his tyres got a puncture.

On lap 10, the race leaders are as follows: Rosberg, Hamilton, Kyvat and Ricciardo. Vettel is at the bottom, but is slowly working his way through. His teammate, Kimi Raikkonen is also in the same position working his way through the other cars and on lap 12, he’s now on 8th place.

On lap 20, many of the drivers began to make their first stop. After 22 laps, almost all the drivers have made their first stop excluding the two Mercedes drivers Rosberg and Hamilton who are also leading this race.

Bottas and Raikkonen got into an accident on lap 24. Their tyres bumped into each other as Bottas tried to overtake Raikkonen. Raikkonen’s car spins and suddenly stopped. His race is now over and the yellow flags are up. Rosberg finally pits in on lap 28 and Hamilton also made his after one lap.

Rosberg still leads the race on lap 33 with a 2.3 second advantage over Hamilton who is on second. Ferrari is having a bad time here with Raikkonen already out and Vettel just in 14th place after 34 laps. Vettel also received a warning after he refused to let pass the other cars who were lapping him.

On lap 49, Rosberg is told by Mercedes that they’re “converting to plan B.” The German immediately makes a second stop to the pits. Hamilton claims the lead after Rosberg pits and told his team he didn’t want to pit again, but was forced to do so after he was told that it was for safety reasons. Rosberg reclaims the lead after Hamilton made his second stop.

On lap 53, Vettel suddenly loses control of his car and went straight into the barriers near turn 7. He’s also out of the race like his teammate, Raikkonen. The safety car is out and the other drivers used this opportunity to make another trip to the pit lane. After 56 laps, the race leaders are as follows: Rosberg, Hamilton, Kyvat, and Bottas.

The race is on again on lap 58. Rosberg’s lead over Hamilton is just 2 seconds. Hamilton continues to chase Rosberg during the late stages of the race, but with no success. Rosberg finally nails his fourth win of the season after 71 laps. Hamilton comes in second and Bottas third.

After Thoughts

The title race has already been decided and the results of this race will not change anything. However, it’s a huge confidence booster for Rosberg who usually finishes second at the back of Hamilton. He has proven here that he also can dominate a race from start to finish just like what Hamilton does. The penultimate race for this season happens in Brazil on November 16.