Recap of the recent Belgian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel took his fifth Grand Prix victory in Belgium, and it seemed like a comfortable one at that (if there ever is one in F1 racing). He finished ahead of Fernando Alonso, who was situated in fifth place throughout the race, but made som slick moves the last laps and finally caught up with Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes who took third place after sitting at second for almost the whole race.

This makes the total standings even grimmer for the drivers, as Sebastian Vettel is pulling even further ahead. With only 8 races left, and Vettel having about a 50-point lead, it seems like a daunting task trying to catch up. The same goes for the team standings, where Red Bull is also pulling ahead, lead by none other than Vettel. The german has been dominant as predicted this season, and seems to pull in the win for Red Bull as well.

Why Bet on Several Winners?

Someone asked why I bothered to bet on several first place winners? Because there can only be one winner, you are bound to lose out on all the other bets besides the one possible winner.

The reason for this is because there are longer odds presented on the racers, even if I only get one right, this usually more than make up for the others. This time, Vettel winning didn’t get back all the money I invested in betting, but it is a safety net given that he is the huge favorite on most the races. Other than that I am just trying to find value and pick it up if I can get it on the other racers. It might be value on more than one racer, and they don’t need to win all the time for the value to get realized.

What to expect for the future races?

I guess Vettel won’t slow down, but he will feel confident that he has won the driver championship. You will probably see those chasing him for the total standings taking more chances trying to knock him down from the throne, so I guess the next race at the Italian Grand Prix will be exciting. Look out for our betting tips!