Russian Grand Prix 2015 Recap

Lewis Hamilton cruises to victory again to win the 2015 Russian Grand Prix. Many experts now say that the title race for the drivers’ championship is now good as over. Hamilton now has 302 points and leads nearest rival Sebastian Vettel by 66 points. After an early retirement in this race, Rosberg went down to third in the drivers’ standings and he now trails behind Hamilton by 73 points. Let’s have a detailed rundown on how things went in Sochi in this Russian Grand Prix 2015 Recap.


For the second time in a row, Nico Rosberg beat Hamilton in qualifying to begin the race at pole position. The German was .3 of a second faster than Hamilton who will begin on second spot. Carlos Sainz of Toro Rosso meanwhile had a heavy crash during his practice session and was rushed to the hospital. It was declared later that he was OK, and he was also allowed to race on Sunday.

Racing Conditions

The weather in Sochi is sunny and no threats of rain were forecasted. The track here is cool and has a smooth surface. This perfectly suits Pirelli’s set of soft and supersoft tyres which they’ve chosen to use in this event.

The Grid

The Race

An accident happened right away as the race began. Hulkenberg and Ericsson’s cars collided with each other near the second corner. The safety car is out very early on. Rosberg meanwhile grabs the lead and he’s followed by Hamilton, Raikkonen, Bottas and Vettel.

The race is on again on lap 3. Rosberg tells his team that his throttle seems to have a problem. This problem is now seriously affecting his performance here and on the seventh lap he was finally overtaken by Hamilton to grab the lead. Then, on lap 8 Rosberg was forced to retire from the race after his throttle locked up. This is a major development in the drivers’ title race.

Another accident on lap 12 as Grosjean lost control of his car and crashes into the barriers. He got out of the car ok, but his car is a total wreck. The safety car is out once again. Some drivers have began to pit while safety car is still out, but not the race leaders like Hamilton, Bottas, Raikkonen and Vettel. After this incident, only 16 cars remain on the track.

The race is on again on lap 17. Hamilton still leads and on lap 21 he now has a 4 second lead over Bottas. The two Ferrari drivers, Vettel and Raikkonen are on third and fourth places respectively. Hamilton continues to pull away from Bottas and on lap 24, he now has a 7 second lead over him.

Bottas made his first stop on lap 27 to change tyres. He came back to the race on 11th place. On the front, Hamilton now has 14 second lead over Vettel who has moved to second. On lap 31, some of the race leaders like Vettel and Raikkonen made their first stop. Hamilton made his first stop on lap 33 and came back to the race still on first.

Hamilton is now just cruising in this race. On lap 41, he’s 12 seconds clear of Vettel who is in second. Vettel also has a comfortable lead over the others for the second position.

Another retirement on lap 47 as Carlos Sainz’s car spun off the track after a brake failure. On lap 49, with just a few laps to go Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull was also forced to retire because of a suspension issue with his car. Only 14 cars now remain on this race.

Hamilton wins the race after 53 laps and he’s followed by Vettel. There were some drama for the third place which took place on the final lap as Bottas and Raikkonen were able to overtake Perez. But after just a few turns their cars collided and Bottas was forced to retire. Perez meanwhile was able to pass them to reclaim the third position.

After Thoughts

Hamilton now has in surmountable lead over Vettel and Rosberg which means the title race is good as over. In other news, two teams are reported to have an uncertain future in F1 after this season. Lotus is said to be in the middle of a huge financial crisis right now while Red Bull is rumored to having a hard time finding an engine supplier for next season. If true, these developments will have a huge effect on the sport next year.The next race will be the United States Grand Prix on October 25.