United States Grand Prix 2015 Recap

Lewis Hamilton wins the US Grand Prix and also officially claims the world drivers’ championship title for this year. This is his third world championship and he now equaled the records of other racing greats like Aryton Senna and his fellow Briton Sir Jackie Stewart who also both have three world championship titles to their name. Let’s look into how Hamilton sealed his victory in this race and the world title in this United States Grand Prix 2015 recap.


The qualifying sessions that were supposed to take place on Saturday was postponed because of heavy rains. They were held on Sunday morning instead, and only two sessions were ran because the race had to start later in the day. Rosberg beat Hamilton in the qualifying to claim the pole position. Vettel finished fifth but will start in 13th place because of a grid penalty. His teammate, Kimi Raikkonen will also serve a grid penalty and will begin the race on 18th place.

Racing Conditions

After several days of intense rains in Texas, the sun finally shone brightly on Sunday shortly before the race. The track however is still wet, but is quickly getting dry. With this, the teams decided to begin the race with intermediate tyres on the cars.

The Grid

The Race

Hamilton had a very aggressive start of the race and quickly overtakes Rosberg for the lead. Kyvat also was able to overtake him to claim the second spot. Rosberg later complained that Hamilton bumped him on the first turn, but replays of that part suggest that Hamilton’s car didn’t touch his car.

On lap 3, the leaders are as follows: Hamilton, Kyvat, Ricciardo and Rosberg. On lap 5, Will Stevens comes into the pits, but it looks like his car is having some problems. He’s the first retiree of this race. Also on this lap, Carlos Sainz had an accident in the track and the virtual safety car is now up. Bottas became the second retiree here on lap 7.

The race resumed again on lap 8. Rosberg quickly made his move and overtook Ricciardo to claim the third spot. Immediately after that, he able to past though Kyvat easily to advance into second place. He’s now just right behind Hamilton who still leads the race.

Grosjean made his second trip to the pit lane on lap 12 and it looks like he’s also having a problem with his car. He’s the third to be out on this race. Kyvat tries to overtake Rosberg, but went wide in doing so. Ricciardo quickly goes ahead of him to claim the third spot. Then he was able to pass through Rosberg to be on second.

On lap 15, Ricciardo was able to overtake Hamilton on turn 1 to grab the lead. On lap 16, the race leaders are as follows: Ricciardo, Hamilton, Rosberg, and Kyvat. On lap 18, Rosberg was able to finally overtake Hamilton to grab the second spot. Hamilton then went into the pits to change tyres after that.

The drivers are now heading to the pits to change tyres because the track is now dry. Ricciardo, Rosberg and Kyvat also made their stops. There was no change in the race leaders after all the drivers made their pit stops. But on lap 22, Rosberg was able to finally overtake Ricciardo to grab the lead. The race leaders are now Rosberg, Ricciardo, Hamilton and Kyvat.

Rosberg is now beginning to pull away from the rest and on lap 25 he now has a 9 second lead over Ricciardo. Hamilton was able to get pass through Ricciardo on lap 26 to be on second. Only 15 cars remain on the race track on this stage. Grosjean, Stevens, Bottas, Massa and Raikkonen and have already retired.

On lap 28, Ericsson’s car suddenly stopped on the track and the safety car is now out. Hamilton is now complaining about a lack of ‘rear grip’ to his team. The race is on again on lap 32. Rosberg still leads, and he’s followed by Hamilton, Ricciardo and Kyvat.

On lap 36, Ricciardo and Hulkenberg’s cars collided. Hulkenberg’s car skidded and he’s now out of the race. The virtual safety car is again out. Rosberg decided to pit while the safety car is out and got back to the race in third. He overtakes Ricciardo on lap 42 to be on second. Hamilton now leads. On lap 43, Kyvat became the latest retiree here as he overshoots on the penultimate corner of the track and skidded off the track. Safety car is out again and Hamilton and Ricciardo decided to make their stop. Rosberg now leads the race.

The race is on again on lap 47. On lap 48, Hamilton was able to get the lead back from Rosberg. He begins to clear away from Rosberg and on lap 51 is already 2.7 seconds ahead from his German teammate. He further widens the gap to 4 seconds on lap 53. Hamilton managed to hold on to the lead and wins the US Grand Prix after 56 laps.

After Thoughts

Hamilton is now officially the world champion for this year with three races still remaining. The next race will be on Mexico on November 2. Let’s see how this race will go on now that the title race is over.