Updating www.bettingonf1.com

Hello dear readers, both of you! For long has www.bettingonf1.com been neglected, and there are several pages missing on this website. I had a plan for this website once, but so did I have for some other websites as well and I guess those plans got in the way for this plan. I always looked at this site and got some great ideas that I quickly got to pluck down in my notebook, but I always had to postpone them because of some other site that I had work to do at. But now it is time to get serious. My other sites are mostly spoken for, so I am left with just three I am working on, and I want to start writing f1 betting tips again. You will definitely see that section get improved and flourish again!

Other then that, I want to start blogging a little here as well. I have been following the F1 circus for the past years, I just didnt have the time to write down my thoughts and betting tips. So I want to get some blogposts going as well. In addition, I will add some reviews of sportsbooks that I use. I use more than the 5 that is posted here, but these are the top sportsbooks that I recommend everyone have in their arsenal, regardless if you are betting on formula one or not. I did start on some basic betting articles, and I want to expand this to a complete betting guide, with articles for beginners and some more indepth sports betting articles for those that want to get that extra edge with betting.

This site has also gotten upgraded to WordPress, which is a content management system that makes life a lot easier when it comes to updating and fiddling with webites. I hope this will help me get more work done, but I doubt it, I am really that lazy, haha. So, now I have at least put it out there. If I don’t follow through, please laugh at me 🙂