F1 Betting Sites

As the internet has grown over the last years, so has the amount of sportsbook that allows you to bet on formula one online. It has literally exploded over the last year and it has never been a better day to be a gambler. The different sportsbooks online are continously trying to improve their service and thus we as customers are left with many different choices. Its hard to make a choice between all the betting sites that are out there, but we have tried to give you our objective (and some subjective) impression of the top sites out there and here you can find the top 5 F1 betting sites we recommend:

Best F1 Betting Sites
Bookmaker Rating Review Bonus Visit
5 Bet365 Review N/A
5 Bovada Review $250 Free Bet
4.5half TitanBet Review £25 Free Bet
4.5half BetVictor Review £25 Free Bet
4.5half William Hill Review £25 Free Bet

What to look for in a good sportsbook?

Since this is a subjective matter it mostly depends on what is important to the player. But one thing that is true for all bettors is that the bookmaker is actually financially solid and will actually pay you your money when you win and won’t simply steal them.

All of the sites we have listed on our website have been licensed and are subject to regular checks to see that their operation is fair and balanced, and that they keep your money in a safe place. Since this is a prime criteria we will usually delve into that first and comment on what we like or dislike about what they do.

Sportsbook Security

This point is not to frighten you virgin online sports bettors, but the fact of the matter is that many online sportsbooks are crooks, thieves and angle shooters. There are bookmakers out there who just do what they can to make it unfair for the customer, so they can win a little extra money. This is a horrendous business plan and the sites pay for it by going out of business.

However, there are equally many sites that are totally legit and you can trust with your money as if it was your bank. The trick here is to find the ones that are solid. To do so you need to do some searches on google about a sportsbook you want to play at with some extra tags like “scam”, “cheat” or other bad words that you come up with. If you find a lot of articles that states a bookmaker is doing shady business, it would best to avoid them. Seek out the ones that has lasted for several years and will continue to serve their customers as they always have.

Customer Rewards

customer-rewardsSince there is such fierce competition among the online bookmakers these days, they are trying harder and harder to capture new customers, so we as customers have the upper hand in negotiation. We are getting served with great signup bonuses, hefty VIP-reward systems and other benefits that will keep us happy and continue to bet on our favorite sports. Some sportsbooks offer upto 100% bonus, that means extra money to bet for, when you make your first deposit at their sportsbook. At other places, you can rack up so called reward points for betting more at their place and cash these points in for items like clothing, electronics, books and other great stuff. You just need to find what kind of rewards you fancy and seek out a sportsbook that can cater you.

Want to Play Poker or Blackjack?

Before, online gambling sites were mostly specific in the regard that they only focused on one aspect of gambling, either sports betting, poker or casino. Today, you will often find all of them and more, at the same website. Having them all at the same site makes it easy to transfer your money from one wallet to another and thus try your hand at a big poker tournament or have a go at the roulett table online with your sports betting winnings. Be sure to check that your bookmaker offers such features if you should desire them as they make life a lot easier when you dont have to wait to cash out and deposit at another site to gamble.

Customer Support

If you are to have a good experience at an online sportsbook, you would like for things to go along smoothly. If you feel that something is wrong, that a bet has been graded unfairly, you have questions regarding some bets or are having troubles placing a bet, its imperative that you know you can contact a representative from the site that is there to help you. The most common forms of help you can get are through email and phone, but lately, live chat has flourished and are becoming more and more common among online sportsbooks. These are also often open 24/7, which means you will get help whenever you would need it. So be sure that your bookmaker of choice has adequate customer support.