2011 F1 Drivers Championship Winner Prediction

Vettel was the winner from last years season, and will be considered to be the favorite to take it this year as well, but we feel that it is close than it appears. Fernando Alonso we feel are a stronger driver and should give Vettel competition to the final day. We are certain it will be between these two drivers and the respective teams of Red Bull and Ferrari. These two were looking great throughout the 2010 season and in the practice for the upcoming one. With odds at 3.20 for Vettel and 3.60 for Alonso over at Bet365, we feel that the value definitely lies with Alonso, as we think they are about dead even in skill and teams, however, we would not fault anyone for picking Vettel.

Now, there will always be outsiders and contenders and this year, we feel that the closest ones will be the two brits Lewis Hamilton and Jensen Button. The McLaren team suffered a bit last year, having trouble with reliability issues and failed to live up to the hype they got before the season. However, they should be working hard to sort things out this year and will be a force to be reckoned with once the season is underway. I believe both Hamilton and Button can contend with the two strongest opponents in Vettel and Alonso on almost any day, but we still consider them outsiders given that McLarens team has to pull through and it is a long season they have to outperform these top drivers throughout.

There are other prospects to bet on out there, like Heidfeld and Barrichello, however, you must understand that these will be longshots at the high odds of 34 and 81, but for those prices, it might be worth it to put down a few bets if you believe we might have an upset this year, although we do not believe that will happen this year.

Our Picks: Alonso, 3.60 @ Bet365 and Hamilton, 9.00 @ Bet365