2012 F1 Drivers Championship Winner Prediction

While there still is some time to wait for the 2012 season to start, most of the sportsbooks have put up odds on the winners of the upcomin season. So while we are waiting for the F1 circus to get started, we can start to analyze some bets to prepare for our F1 betting:

Sebastian Vettel was dominating, as most people predicted, throughout the 2011 season. He was basically flawless in every race, except when the Grand Prix where held in Canada. We see no reason for the young German to be letting up any of this steam any time soon, so he will be a clear favorite come the for 2012 Formula One season. However, there are still plenty of races to be run and many of the other great racers are breathing down Vettels neck.

The 2012 will most likely, like in 2011, consist of the top four chasing the main title of champion in Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. With the odds being 2.10, 4.50, 6.00 and 7.50 respectively, we can see that these are all favored to take the season with Vettel being the biggest one. Alonso did some good racing last year, and will be the one favored behind Vettel. He has a very aggressive style of racing and if he has the margins on his side and Ferrari can keep up with him, they will probably be able to contest Vettel.

Another racer that we would like to note is Mark Webber. The 35 year old finished in the top five in almost all of the races last year, and is very solid in his driving. With the experience he has and the support from the great Red Bull racing team, he could have a chance to take a step up and snatch the championship from his teammate Vettel.

As you might notice, we note that there are several great racers in the formula one circuit, but we see only one capable of going all the way, and this is Sebastian Vettel. He made few mistakes last year, but he would like to point out that he still has mistakes and will improve on them and come back even better for the 2012 season. Our bet is that he takes it and places a small bet on Webber as well as an outsider.

Our Picks: Vettel, 2.10 @ Bet365 and Webber, 13.00 @ Bet365