Bahrain Grand Prix 2015 – Preview and Betting Tips

After an upset win by Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari in Malaysia, Mercedes was able to quickly put the order of things in F1 back to their favor in Shanghai last week with another one-two. This coming Sunday, the Bahrain Grand Prix will take place on the Bahrain International Circuit at 6pm local time (4pm GMT). Will Mercedes dominate this race again or will we have another unexpected result? Here is a quick look at this upcoming race.


The Bahrain Grand Prix had its first edition in 2004 and it was the first F1 race ever to be held in the Middle East. It has been a regular part of the F1 calendar since then. But in 2011, the race was cancelled when some drivers backed out due to protests in the country. In 2012, the race resumed and it has been regularly held ever since.

The Bahrain GP takes place on the Bahrain International Circuit, a track designed by F1 resident designer Hermann Tilke. It has a length of 5.412 kilometers and has 15 corners. It also has four long straights and two DRS zones. One special characteristic of this track is its surface which is made of Graywacke aggragate, a material which offers a very high grip on the cars. This is one of the big reasons why drivers love this track. The race here has 57 laps and covers a total distance of 308.2 kilometers. For the tyres, Pirelli will also use the soft and medium compounds for this race.


Among the drivers who will be present on Sunday, Fernando Alonso is the most winningest here with three titles (2005, 2006 and 2010). But given McLaren Honda’s present problems, nobody obviously expects him to win this time. Next to him are Felipe Massa (2007 and 2008) and Sebastian Vettel (2012 and 2013). Last year, Lewis Hamilton gave Mercedes and himself a first win in this race. Nico Rosberg started at the pole in last year’s race but ended up as second.

This year, the Mercedes duo are again the top favorites to win here. Many teams, especially McLaren are still experiencing problems with their cars. And while they struggle with those problems, Mercedes are busy collecting points race after race. Many F1 experts think that the race on Sunday will have the same results like in China last week. In addition, the rivalry between Hamilton and Rosberg had also begun to heat up during the race in Shanghai. Many are expecting that they might have a duel here on Sunday.

Betting Tips

For the possible winner of this race, Betfair’s sportsbook gave Lewis Hamilton odds of around 1.5, Nico Rosberg – 3.25 and Sebastian Vettel – 9. I’ll take the side of the experts here who believe that this race would be another Hamilton-Rosberg affair. Hamilton has been superb this season so far and Rosberg has usually ended behind him in the past races. I think this will be repeated again in Bahrain. For my betting tip, I’ll go for Hamilton.