Formula One – Italian Grand Prix 2013 – Betting Tips and Predictions

After the conclusion of the Belgian Grand Prix 2013, now the Formula One (F1) moves to the last track of the Europe which is at Autodromo Nazionale Monza track in Italy. The track is pretty well known as it has been holding race every year in Italy since 1950 except for the year 1980 when it was held at Imola. The race will be held on Sunday September 8 2013.

About the track

The track at Monza is one of the more historic Grand Prix’s on the F1 calendar along with the other well known British, Belgian and Monaco GP’s. The track has a length of 5.793 km and has a total of 53 racing laps. The track is also the home for one of the finest and classic F1 teams, Ferrari and they have won 18 times on this track which is the most on this track.

Few stats

Venue: Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy
Circuit length: 5.793 km
Laps & Corners: 53 and 11 respectively
Race distance: 306.720 km
Lap record: 1:21:046 in 2004 made by Rubens Barrichello
Winner of 2012 race: Lewis Hamilton (McLaren)
2012 Fastest Lap: 1:27:239 by Nico Rosberg from Williams

About the race

Sebastian Vettel driving for the Red Bull team has a good 46 point lead over its next competitor racer Fernando Alonso. Vettel has 197 points under his belt with Alonso second at 151 points. Next is Lewis Hamilton with 139 points.

Vettel has been in ultimate form as he won the Belgian Grand Prix 2013 and there is no reason why he should not be able to win this one as well which will make his fourth consecutive title this year if he wins. Vettel has already won race at this track twice in 2008 and 2011 and this would be his third win if he wins this time.

As mentioned earlier, this race track is the home ground for Ferrari and so the team would make all efforts to win this race as well. To represent Ferrari is none other than Fernando Alonso who is another ace driver and he is the only one who can come in way of next title of Vettel. Alonso is second in the racers points table and he would like to reduce the point gap by winning this one in style. He has also won the race twice earlier in 2007 and 2010 and that’s why we feel he can pose a threat to Vettel.

Kimi Raikkonen who was at second position before the Belgian race has moved down to fourth position as he failed to make a mark in the last race. He had a bad day at the recent Belgain race when he retired in 27 laps and which earned him no points and so he stays at 134 points allowing others to take lead over him. But in this race, he would like to rectify his mistakes and ensure that he performs well for self and the team.

Another driver who would be under scrutiny would be Daniel Ricciardo who would have to face a big challenge in this race as he has to prove himself and the critics on why he was picked by Red Bull as a replacement for Mark Webber.

Talking about the Constructors’ standings, Red Bull is miles ahead with 312 points under its belt and next comes Mercedes AMG Petronas team with 235 points. Ferrari is at third position and not very far from Mercedes with a gap of just 17 points which it would like to close in and take the advantage of the home ground.

Our predictions

There is slight forecast of rain but overall the forecast is not alarming and we expect the race to be among the most exciting races of the season and with some of the best drivers competing with each other and trying to prove a point by getting a podium finish.

According to us, the Spanish driver Sebastian Vettel seems to be the favorite for the season and he should be able to win this race as well and extend his lead of top position. But Ferrari and Alonso cannot be ignored and the home ground advantage is also one of the important factors. So we can expect one of the two winning the race while others may fight for other positions and points in the table for next race.

Winners of the race (1st place):
Sebastian Vettel – 1.53
Fernando Alonso – 6.50
Mark Webber – 8.00 and
Lewis Hamilton – 21.00
(Odds from William Hill)