Hungarian Grand Prix 2014 – Preview

Just a few days from now, the Hungaroring racetrack will be filled again with roaring F1 cars and fans. The Hungarian Grand Prix will be held on July 27, Sunday on this racing circuit located just miles away from Budapest. It will be the 11th race of the season and the last before the teams take their annual summer break. Hungaroring has built its reputation over the years as one of the most difficult and challenging tracks on F1 racing.


The Hungarian Grand Prix will be held in Hungaroring, a racetrack located about 12 miles south of Budapest. It was the first racetrack built exclusively for F1 use and was opened just months before the first F1 took place here in 1986. The circuit is 4.38 kilometers long and the race has 70 laps. The total distance for this race is 306.63 kilometers.

The track with its twists and turns has provided drivers and their teams a tough challenge over the years. Some drivers look at it as a great track with its tight radius corners and similarity to a street circuit. Others look at it as difficult track to race because of its narrow lane and tight corners making it hard for them to overtake during a race. It also has no long straights and high-speed corners.

The Race

What makes the Hungarian Grand Prix different from the other races is the speed with which it is raced. It’s the slowest race on the F1 calendar with an average speed of just 190 km/h. A lap on this race is usually taken at just 55% full throttle compared to 65-70% on the other races. There are a total of 14 turns in the track, 4 of which are taken at speeds of below 100 km/h. The 2014 race will start on July 27, Sunday at 1400 local time or 1200 GMT. The weather during the race is usually hot.

The drivers, constructors and standings

After ten rounds, Nico Rosberg leads the race for the drivers’ championship with 190 points. Following closely behind him is teammate Lewis Hamilton with 176 points. Daniel Ricciardo is a far third placer with 106 points. Looking at the drivers and the corresponding points they have so far it’s very obvious that this is just a 2 man race to the title. Lewis Hamilton alongside with Michael Schumacher is one of the most successful drivers in this race. He already won 4 titles in Hungary. He has won the last two races here and is now eyeing his third to complete his hat trick. This will provide him enough motivation to win the race this coming Sunday.

For the constructors’ championship, Mercedes has completely pulled away from the rest of the pack with 366 points. Second placed Red Bull only has 188 points while Williams which is on the third spot only has 121 points. Mercedes is also the engine supplier with the most victories on this race with 9 wins. Renault which isn’t a participant anymore here follows them closely with 7 wins.

Betting Tips

Lewis Hamilton is heavily favoured to win this race. This isn’t surprising considering his excellent record on Hungaroring. Bookmakers give Hamilton odds of 1.78 to win. Following far behind him is Nico Rosberg with odds of 3.2. Daniel Ricciardo, the only driver aside from the two who has a won a race this year has odds of 34 to win here.

Hamilton is currently on second place with 176 points, just 14 points behind Rosberg. For sure, he wants to be on the top spot again before the summer break. Aside from that, he also has his sight at breaking his own record at the Hungarian Grand Prix and win it the fifth time and complete his hat trick. While this race has been known to produce unexpected results, I think the 4 previous wins here by Hamilton is more than enough proof that he already knew this track well more than the other drivers. I would definitely go for Lewis Hamilton in this race.

Betting Tips: Lewis Hamilton to win, 1.73 (Odds from William Hill)