Italian Grand Prix 2014 – Preview

The Italian Grand Prix will be held on September 7 at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, a race track near Milan. This will be the final European stop of the competition and the 13th race of the season. The last race in Belgium was full of drama and unexpected scenarios. Will Daniel Ricciardo win his fourth race this year in Italy? What will be the next chapter in the Hamilton-Rosberg rivalry which seems to be getting nastier? These questions and more will be answered on Sunday in Italy.

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

The Italian Grand Prix is held every year since 1981 at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, a permanent race track near Milan. This track is one of the oldest in the world and was finished in 1922. This is a very historic circuit and the inaugural F1 race in 1950 was held here. In 1980, the Italian Grand Prix was held at the Autodromo Dino Ferrari, but in 1981 Monza became its permanent home again.

Monza has a simple layout compared to the other circuits. Unlike the other old tracks still used today, it retains much of its original layout. One of the most popular parts of the track is the Parabolica which is the last corner in the circuit.

The race in Monza is considered the fastest in all the F1 races. Because of this, Monza has earned the reputation as the “Circuit of Death.” F1 legends like Alberto Ascari, Wolfgang von Trips, Jochen Rindt and Ronnie Peterson all died while racing in this track. Fortunately, no driver has been killed here since 1978.

The race

The Italian Grand Prix will be held on September 7, Sunday at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza in Monza, Italy. The race will start at around 2pm local time. Monza has a length of 5.793 kilometers and there will be a total of 53 laps in the race. It will cover a total of 306.720 kilometers. This is the fastest race in F1 and 69% of a lap here is spent at full throttle. The weather is usually sunny during the race.

The drivers, constructors and standings

Despite what happened in Belgium almost two weeks ago, Nico Rosberg still leads the drivers’ championship with 220 points. His teammate, Lewis Hamilton is still in second place and behind him by just 29 points with 191 points. Mercedes have announced earlier that they will take action this week over Rosberg’s action in Belgium which damaged Hamilton’s car and eventually forced him to retire from the race. This could have a big effect on their race for the title and also on the possible result of the race on Sunday. Some say that Mercedes might prevent Rosberg from challenging Hamilton in the race on Sunday if he takes the lead.

While the drama between the Mercedes teammates continues, Daniel Ricciardo is slowly climbing his way to the top. He won the last race in Belgium and now has 156 points in third place. While he’s still far from being a threat to Lewis and Nico, it’s obvious that the loss of the two Mercedes drivers is his gain.

On the constructors’ championship, Mercedes have a commanding lead with 411 points. Red Bull is a far second place with 254 points.

F1 Betting Tips

Sebastian Vettel won the Italian Grand Prix last year. He’s also the driver with most wins in this race among the competitors on Sunday. He already won the Italian Grand Prix three times (2013, 2011, 2008). Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso is second to him with two wins (2010 and 2007).

Lewis Hamilton is the favorite to win this race at odds of around 1.93. He has already won it two years ago and if it’s true that Mercedes will take action on Rosberg because of the collision that happened in the Belgian Grand Prix, Hamilton’s chances to win here will become bigger. The odds on Rosberg for this race are at 3.35 while bookmakers put the odds for another win by Ricciardo here at 19.50.
Hamilton has always been a very competitive driver and his recent losses were caused by factors which he can’t control. After not winning the last two races, I’m sure he’ll win this one.

Betting Tips: Lewis Hamilton to win, 1.93 (Odds from Bet365)