Japanese Grand Prix 2014 – Preview and Betting Tips

The Japanese Grand Prix which is the first of the last five races in the F1 calendar this season will be held on October 5. This race has a rich history and has been the venue of many title-deciding races in the past. With Hamilton now leading by just 3 points over Rosberg, the events on this upcoming race will surely become a big part of this season’s history.


The Japanese Grand Prix this year will be held at the Suzuka International Racing Course, a track in the Mie prefecture. It has a length of 5.807 kilometers and contains 17 turns. The race has 53 laps which covers a total of 307.573 kilometers. The average speed here is around 225 kph making it one of the fastest races in F1. The race this year will begin at 6:00 pm local time or 7:00 am GMT on Sunday.

Suzuka with its iconic figure of eight layout is a fast and technical track that’s been challenging drivers for many decades. While most of the old tracks which are still used today have been redesigned, Suzuka still remains unchanged for more than 50 years. And unlike Marina Bay which is filled with slow corners in which some have to be taken at first gear, Suzuka contains a number of fast corners which F1 drivers know very well. The cars will use Pirelli’s hard and medium tires for this race because of those high-speed corners.


The Japanese Grand Prix has been the venue of many defining moments in recent F1 history. 18 of the last 19 races here were won by world champions. Hamilton and Rosberg both know very well the importance of this race. And with their present rivalry, many fans can’t help but remember the battle between Senna and Prost which happened here way back in 1990.

Lewis Hamilton had won the Japanese Grand Prix before in 2007 but that race wasn’t held in Suzuka. His best performance in this track was in 2009 when he finished third. His teammate and rival Nico Rosberg also has an unimpressive record at Suzuka and still hasn’t made it to the podium even once.

Among the present line-up of drivers, Sebastian Vettel is the winningest here with four wins. He started at the pole in three of the four races which he won. Fernando Alonso had won two races here but only one of them was held in Suzuka. Jenson Button also won this race in 2011.

Betting tips

Although both Hamilton and Rosberg still haven’t won in Suzuka before, they’re still the favorites in most betting sites to win in this race. Betvictor has Hamilton at 1.83 while Paddypower offers the best odds for Rosberg at 3.25. Sebastian Vettel who already won this race four times has odds of around 12 in Betfair. Many experts say that Hamilton has a big chance to win this year in Japan after he won the race in Singapore, but personally I doubt if Hamilton or even his arch-rival Rosberg will win in this race.

For me, it can be better to bet on them for a podium finish. Both drivers have odds at around 1.3 in this market. The potential returns here aren’t big but it’s a very safe bet. A bet of 100USD will have a return of around 130USD. That’s a profit of around 30%. It’s a small return but the risk involved is also much smaller. If this doesn’t appeal to you, then you can take a bigger risk and follow what the experts say. Back a win by Hamilton who is at around 1.8 in most bookies.

Betting Tips: Lewis Hamilton to finish on podium, 1.33 (Odds from Bet365)