Monaco Grand Prix 2014 – F1 Betting Tips

The 2014 Monaco Grand Prix is set to take place on Sunday, May 25, and it will be the sixth race in the 2014 Formula One season. The race will take place at the Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo. Due to the tight corners and narrow lanes, the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most difficult and dangerous races on the Formula One schedule. While most Formula One races are usually dominated by the best teams and drivers, anything can happen at the Monaco Grand Prix due to the difficult nature of the race.

The Mercedes race team of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have been dominating the 2014 Formula One season through the first five races. The Mercedes team has won every race this season, and they have been able to finish in the top two spots in the last four races. Nico Rosberg was able to win the first race of the season after Hamilton was not able to finish the race in Australia, but he has finished second to Hamilton in the four races since then. Due to the dominance of Lewis Hamilton this season, he is the major favorite to win the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix.

The only other team that has threatened the Mercedes team this season is the Red Bull-Renault team of Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Riccardo. Vettel dominated Formula One last season by winning 13 races, but he has only been able to finish in the top three once this season. Since he has been the top driver in Formula One for the last four seasons, it is hard to count Sebastian Vettel out at any race this season.

Fernando Alonso is probably the only other driver that can contend for the lead at the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix. His Ferrari race team may not be the strongest in Formula One, but he has still been able to place solid finishes in each of the five races this season.

Thanks to Lewis Hamilton’s dominance in the early part of the 2014 Formula One season, it is going to be very difficult to make any money betting on him to win the Monaco Grand Prix. The betting odds on Lewis Hamilton at the Monaco Grand Prix are currently 8/11. This will force you to bet heavily on Hamilton in order to win big, which is always a scary proposition at such a difficult race.

While Lewis Hamilton is the favorite to win the race, it makes more sense to place bets on Nico Rosberg or Sebastian Vettel. One mistake by Hamilton will quickly take him out of contention, which will open the door for Rosberg or Vettel to win the race. The odds on Rosberg winning the Monaco Grand Prix are currently 7/4, and the odds of Vettel winning are 12/1. Betting on either of these two drivers will deliver a bigger payday with a smaller investment than you will find by picking Lewis Hamilton.

The best play for the Monaco Grand Prix would be to either split your bets between Rosberg and Vettel. Splitting your money on these two drivers will deliver better odds of winning while also delivering a higher payday than placing it all on Lewis Hamilton. Betting $100 on Lewis Hamilton will only deliver winnings of $72. Placing $75 on Rosberg and $25 on Vettel is the better play. If Rosberg wins the race, then you will walk away with $106 after factoring the losing bet on Vettel. If Sebastian Vettel happens to win the race, then your winning will be $225 after deducting the losing bet. This not only gives you two chances to win at one of the most difficult Formula One races, but it also delivers a higher payday.