Monaco Grand Prix 2015 – Preview and Betting Tips

The Monaco Grand Prix which is dubbed by many as the most glamorous event in F1 will take place on May 24 at 2pm local time (1pm GMT) on the Circuit de Monaco. This race comes as the title race for the drivers’ championship heats up. Nico Rosberg who won the two most recent editions of this race is hoping to win it again this year in order to complete his hat trick. Let’s have a look at this event in more detail.


The Monaco Grand Prix takes place on the Circuit de Monaco which is basically a track laid out on the city streets of Monte Carlo. This race was first held in 1929 and is now considered as the most prestigious race in the calendar.

Aside from being a street circuit, the track used in this race has many other distinct features which make it very unique and challenging to drivers. It has a length of just 3.34 kilometers which is shorter than the usual 5 kilometer track used in other races. Its narrow compared to the other tracks used today, has many elevation shifts and tight corners. Before, there were 25 turns in this circuit, but it was reduced to just 19 today. These track features also make this event the slowest race in the F1 calendar.
Pirelli will use the yellow soft and red super-soft tyres for this race. This will be the first time that the super-soft compound will be used this year.

While the other races have fifty plus laps, drivers need to complete 78 laps to finish this race. It also has a shorter total distance of only 260.52 kilometers instead of the usual 300 plus kilometers in other races. Lastly, the race here usually exceeds the two hour limit.


Nico Rosberg and Fernando Alonso have won this race two times already. Alonso who won it in 2006 and 2007 is obviously not a favorite to win it again this year considering the problems that McLaren presently have. Rosberg meanwhile has won this in 2013 and 2014 is looking forward to winning this race again following a strong performance in Spain. Will he be able to complete his hat trick in Monaco this year?

The other drivers in contention here are Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. All of them have won this race once before. All of them also won this race when they were still with another team. Last year, Hamilton finished second to Rosberg here while Vettel recorded the fastest lap of the race.

Betting tips

Despite Rosberg’s great performance here in the past two years, he still comes in second to Hamilton in the odds given by bookmakers for this race. Rosberg is at 2.38 in William Hill while Hamilton is at 2 on the same bookie. The Ferrari duo of Vettel and Raikkonen follow them in the bookmaker odds at 11 and 21 respectively. It is getting harder to find value by betting on F1, and it is volatile as well, but there is still plenty to be had in our opinion.

Rosberg was really impressive in Spain and many expect him to do well again here. But let’s not forget that Hamilton lost that race partly because of the error made by some of his teammates in Mercedes during his first pit stop. Many say that if that didn’t happen the result of the race in Spain would’ve been different and I agree to their opinion.

For this race, I think it’s good to back a win by Hamilton. Despite losing the race in Spain, I still think he’s in the peak of his abilities and hopefully he’ll win the race in Monaco again.