How To Bet On Formula One

The main objective of sports betting is to win more often than the odds that you take give you back. Simple as that, or it actually isnt. But to learn and continue to bet and win in sports betting, you first need to learn how to place your bets online. By reading this article we have written for people new to online sports betting, you will be able to bet on formula one in no time!

Online sports betting is done at a sportsbook, either physical or online. We will in this article explain how it is done online. The most common way this is done, is by going to the sportsbooks website and find the wager you want to bet on and type in your wager and confirm it. You can also phone in your bets if you prefer that where you will be guided and helped to make your proper selections. Browsing around on an online site to find your bets, is not always easy for someone who isnt all that internet savvy.

Sign Up At A Sportsbook And Deposit

To be able to bet on sports online, you need to make an account at an online sportsbook. You do that by choosing a site that you like, give them your information, deposit money and start placing your bets. Simple as that! Or so one thought. There are several things one need to consider before choosing and playing at a sportsbook online. What kinds of sports would you like to bet on, what kind of reward systems do you like, do you want to gamble on other things like poker, casino or bingo or do you want a wide variety of deposit methods? Whatever it is, you should do proper research, both from yourself and the sportsbooks, finding what suits your needs. As a tip, why not checkout our recommended bookmakers in our article on where to bet on formula one?

After you have found your prefered sportsbook and signed up, you need to deposit money there. While this also might seem scary to give your money away to some online and unknown site, in this day and age, transferring money online is safer than it has ever been and sportsbooks are for the most part just as safe as the bank. This off course hinges on you choosing a sportsbook that we recommend. We would never recommend a bookmaker that has a history of stealing or theft. Choose your preferred method to deposit and deposit an amount you feel comfortable losing. Sports betting is after all gambling and you may have a streak of bad luck and thus you must not rely on your online money to pay rent or food. Play within your means.

How To Place A Bet On Formula One Online

Now you are ready to place your first bet on formula one online. To place a wager, you need to login to your sports betting account and navigate around their wager options. There are often a wide variety of events you can bet on, so find the one you like and check out what options are available. If you would like to bet on formula one, click on that (you might have to locate it under motor sports) and browse the different wagers.

Now that you are looking at the odds, you probably wonder what they all mean? The most common betting option and the one is the most fun, is betting on who is the Formula 1 Driver Champ. This is a bet that lasts all season, where you bet on who you think will be the winner after the Grand Prix is over.

Lets say you want to bet on Lewis Hamilton being the Formula 1 Drivers Champ 2011. If you find his name there, you will see a number next to him. That is the odds you are getting with betting on him. Right now on Bet365, it is +500 on him. This simply means that you will get back $500 for each $100 you bet on him if he wins. Not bad for a decent driver like Hamilton. To place a bet, simply click the odds and a window will pop up where you can write the amount you would like to wager and then it will state how much you stand to win. You are then asked to confirm your bet, before it is booked. And thats it! Simple as that to make formula one an even more exciting event.

Remember that there are a lot of betting options available to you when betting on F1. Besides betting on season winners, you can also bet on who will win individual races, qualifying bets, wether a driver will finish on the podium, which constructor will win, how many drivers will finish a race, fastest lap time and many more. If you still want more events to bet on, you can even email your bookmaker and they will setup a bet for you.

So now you can try your hand at betting on formula one, from the comfort of your own home. With the click of a button, you can bet money on events no one thought possible years back. So find your sportsbook and place your wager today!